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Structure, Mental Focus, Physical Skill

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The people that attend karate practice come in all shapes and sizes and come from all backgrounds. You too can work your way to the top, step by step... believe it. Karate training isn't easy and it's not for everyone, but if you're willing to work hard and stick to it, you will find it to be an extremely rewarding endeavor. Your age doesn't matter, you can do it if you put your mind to it. Understand that we all start at the bottom and we all work hard. There are no shortcuts here. With diligent training you will develop a strong spirit, toughness, and a never-give-up attitude. Imagine yourself earning your black belt, being strong, confident and capable. Make the commitment and go for it. Every black belt had to start by taking that first step.

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The 4, 5, and 6 year olds are pure potential... PURE POTENTIAL KIDS. Sensei Michelle teaches our youngest students karate fundamentals in this thirty minute class. Their training is customized as we work toward preparing them for entry into the regular karate class when they turn seven. 

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Many of the best students practise karate.

Karate training improves focus and discipline. You may not realize it now, but your experience in the dojo will help you in the real world. Serious training is key to character development. Learn to set goals and get results. Work your way up the ranks and earn your black belt. Today's students are tomorrow's leaders.

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You are never too old to start. It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone to try something new and challenging. Karate training will help you improve your health, stamina, and flexibility. Rediscover your energy and vitality. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Your future self will thank you.


Each individual must pay an annual registration fee of $50.00. The monthly training fee for an individual is $60.00 per month. The monthly training fee for two family members is $100.00 per month. The monthly training fee for three or more family members is $135.00 per month.

You will need a karate-gi (uniform) and badge set. Lightweight uniforms range in price from $43.00 +GST to $58.00 +GST. The badge set is $25.00 +GST.  Heavyweight and premium karate uniforms are also available.

Everyone is welcome to visit our friendly and supportive training environment

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