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World-Wide Popularity

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Shotokan Karate

Shotokan karate is a Japanese martial art. The style originated in Okinawa and was introduced to Japan by its founder, Gichin  Funakoshi, recognized world-wide as the father of modern karate. Over the decades, Shotokan karate grew in popularity and gained many devoted enthusiasts, being a form of physical education that could be practiced by almost anyone. The style spread throughout the globe in the second half of the twentieth century and is now recognized as the most popular style of karate in the world. It is a martial arts system designed to develop individuals of sound character. The training encompasses a wide range of blocks, strikes, kicks and punches. Competition karate has become a popular sport with karate making its first appearance on the games program at the Tokyo Olympics. Aside from the physical aspect of karate, with diligent training, students will develop a greater sense of well-being. It is not just physical training, it is mental training, training that develops the body and mind to create an indomitable spirit… an iron will.


Experienced and Professional

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Syd Shabits


Michelle Shabits

Karate has been passed down from teacher to student for generations. Past, present, and future are all connected. To those who have taught and inspired us, and to those who have gone before us, we thank you... instructors, students, family, and friends.


Many people are naturally attracted to the martial arts. For those who have an affinity for it, karate becomes a life-long endeavor. You can find passionate karate students everywhere. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in Shotokan karate.


We live simple and peaceful lives. We understand that there will always be someone bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter... it's what keeps us humble and motivates us to do our best. We believe that karate practitioners should have a sincere heart, an attitude of respect for others, and a sense of self-esteem. This is the essence of Shotokan. Our core values are honour, respect, loyalty, humility, and integrity. Our vision is for the growth, development, and success of our students as karateka and as individuals. We hope to inspire the next generation to carry forward the tradition of Shotokan.


At Iron Will Shotokan, our standards are high and we believe in doing things right.


You will be challenged. We invite you to join us.

Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in Shotokan karate

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